Forest Tower Has a Green Roof


photos by Jeroen Musch via Architectural Review

I am getting vertigo just posting this. I have trouble getting to the top of the Dorset Tower, and couldn't possibly climb this Forest Tower in the Netherlands. It has every kind of lookout, but at the top? Trees.


You can see the trees in the distance on top of it. it was designed by SeArch for the Schovenhorst Estate, a conservation area.


No way anyone could ever get me into that...


From the Architectural Review:

The tower is designed as a ‘condensed path with each facet of the promenade looking out over the forest’. Branches of the tower offer different activities: peep-holes, a climbing net and a small performance space. The architects installed ‘a new piece of the forest’ at the top of the tower, rather than the expected look-out platform. The circular planted platform weighs 480 tons and took 36 hours to lift to height of 40m.


You can do one of two things as a designer: the straightforward and banal, just build it and get people up there or across the bridge, or you can design something with joy and delight at every turn. SeArch knows delight.


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