Forest Research Center is Built, Logically, of Wood


Wood is a wonderful building material; It is lovely to work with, warm in appearance and if sustainably harvested, sequesters Carbon Dioxide for the life of the timber. Its only big drawback is that it burns, which has limited its use in bigger buildings. However heavy timber can perform better than steel in fires, and there are effective sprinkler systems.

The Finnish Forest Research Institute was designed by SARC Architects to try and use Finnish wood in all kinds of innovative ways.


The exterior is clad in fir planks;



The theatre is built like an upside-down boat;


via ArchDaily which says "This research institute is the first modern wooden office building in Finland. A wooden column-beam-slab structure has never been attempted before on this scale."

I am not certain that is true; what about the Tapiola building?

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