Forest & Paper Association Recycling Award

The American Forest & Paper Association (I remember a few accusations of greenwashing, but I can't remember anything specific - hopefully they are serious about recycling) has set a goal to recover 55% of all paper consumed in the US by 2012, and it has created an award to publicly recognize outstanding efforts to promote paper recycling. The 2005 winners of this award in the categories for "individual", "business", and "community" are respectively: Judge Jack Jones of Jefferson County, Arkansas, Quad/Graphics of Sussex, Wisconsin, and Eureka Recycling of Saint Paul, Minnesota (co-winners) and Clearwater, Florida and Seneca, South Carolina (co-winners too). For more details on the achievements of each winner, read on.Individual: "Judge Jack Jones of Jefferson County, Arkansas. Judge Jones' efforts in his community and local schools have increased awareness about paper recycling among students and community members."

Business: "As a result of Quad/Graphics' internal paper recovery programs, the company avoided $15 million in landfill costs in 2004. Eureka Recycling was recognized for delivering a cost-effective recycling program to more than 100,000 single and multi-family residences in Saint Paul and reinvesting every dollar in profit back into the community in the form of education and services."

Community: "The City of Clearwater Solid Waste and Recycling Department designed a program directed at students and residents that raised awareness about paper recovery. As a direct result of this program, it avoided disposal costs of nearly $20,000 and generated revenue of more than $36,000 in the first year. Through its outreach in the community and schools, Oconee County Solid Waste [Seneca] has increased its residential recycling by 26 percent, which has resulted in a cost savings of nearly $35,000 in the last three years."

::AF&PA; Announces 2005 Recycling Award Winners