Forest Groundcover Turned Into Beautiful Home Accessories

naturescast bowls photo

West Coast Green 2008 showed off innovative green ways to build homes and structures. But it didn't stop there. Also featured at the convention were eco-friendly ways to decorate. NaturesCast is one such way, utilizing dry leaves and twigs harvested from forests around Compostela, Province of Cebu, The Philippines.

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naturescast jewelry image

The company was formed by Pete and Catherine Delantar, who participated in a community project that cleaned up litter from the local forests, which helped prevent forest fires. The couple figured that something cool could be made from all the litter piled up after the clean-up efforts, and so NaturesCast was born.

The company makes home accessories, furniture, and jewelry.

The products are made by combining debris with resin and molding them to shape. The result is a smooth and gorgeously textured product.

Through NaturesCast®, Pete and Catherine have found a way to not only convert forest scraps into beautiful decorative and functional items, but also to positively transform lives, by inspiring environmental awareness and providing livelihood among poor families in the Province of Cebu.

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