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We have shown so many different kinds of green buildings on TreeHugger, and many readers want to try them out, kick the tires and to see what the hype is about. Some owners have rented them out; One of the first to do so was the Lumenhaus (no relation to the Solar Decathlon winner), one of the first of Rocio Romero's LV House designs, built in 2005. Visitors appear to love it, calling the modern prefab dropped in rural Virginia "the perfect mountain retreat." More at Lumenhaus.

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Another modern prefab pioneer is Resolution 4 Architecture. Joe Tanney and partners designed the original Dwell House that became a modern prefab icon, and have been refining them ever since. This is the only one available for rent, near Lost River State Park in West Virginia. From the site:

Lostrivermodern is a modern prefab cabin. a treehouse, really. set into the side of a wooded ridge, with a wall of glass extending nearly its entire length, lostrivermodern's spare lines and perfect setting leave only light and sound and space vying for attention.

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earthship france

Europeans can try out a very American green building, the Earthship France, in Normandy. It is designed by Mike Reynolds, the earthship pioneer. Sami wrote about it a few years ago here. From the site:

This rental offers the opportunity of experiencing earthship living first-hand and the viability of making it a blue print for large-scale sustainable developments in the future.

More at Earthship France.

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The tiny house movement is huge these days, as people look at it as a way of living efficiently and cheaply. Brittany's Bayside Bungalow is the cutest little 8' x 18' trailer on a gorgeous site, in Olympia, Washington, in a rural setting on a waterfront lot overlooking the Puget Sound.

The floor space is about 100 square feet, plus a 60 square foot loft with a full-sized bed. The main room boasts vaulted ceilings and the loft is built over the kitchen, closet and bathroom, with a ceiling clearance of 6'2". Two skylights and 11 windows bring ample light into the house, so you will not feel confined, but rather liberated in a cozy, efficient and well designed house!

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In 2005, before I came to work with TreeHugger, I was struggling to market modern prefab in Ontario and walked into the Sustain Minihome. I thought I could build a business selling it, and through a series of unfortunate events ended up owning the prototype. Having moved on to other things and being unable to sell it, the Minihome has been in storage. The whole green trailer concept needed green trailer parks, which are just now being started for people who want a small, green recreational or year round home without the issues of land ownership. One has just been developed in Brighton, Ontario, on the shore of Lake Ontario, ten minutes by bike from bucolic wine and cheese country in Prince Edward County. I have moved the minihome there, and it is now for rent from Timberhouse.

minihome interior

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