For Old Wine Bottles, a New Life: Works of Art from Reblown Glass


Photo: Alex Davies

It's a given that the French are among the best at making, and drinking, wine. But what to do with all the empty glass bottles? There's the recycling bin, of course, but for glass worker Jean Michel Daluzeau, there is a much more novel, romantic method. Daluzeau is the artisan behind "L'autre vie des bouteilles" (the other life of bottles), a collection of vases, lamps, jewelery and dishes made from reblown glass bottles.


Photo: Alex Davies

Daluzeau isn't the first to recycle glass in an unconventional way- we've seen entire houses built of bottles and a project this summer invited visitors to break down bottles for recyling by hurling them at (protected) friends. But the "Other Life" collection finds a halfway point between keeping the bottles as they are and smashing them into bits. Reheated and reshaped, Daluzeau's glass pieces call to mind the wine bottles they once were, while taking on a new identity as decorative works of art.

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