Folding plant pot expands to fit your growing plants

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It's called the Fold Pot and it is such a simple but clever idea. It's a pot that expands along with the plant. So instead of the plant outgrowing the pot, the pot gets bigger.

Not for use with huge plants, but perfect for herbs and spices and smaller species.

Made out of silicon rubber, the plant pot can double its capacity. It starts with the rim rolled down, and as it grows, the top can be rolled up, making it twice the size.

Soil can be added as the plant grows and its roots expand. With the use of flexible silicon, the pot changes size as the plant does.

It comes with a plate and hole for drainage. If you don't want to use the plate you can just close up the drainage hole.

And it looks simple and contemporary with its clean shape and good colours. Coming in grey, terracotta and black, the colours mimic those of real clay pots and ensure that it will fit in with any modern decor.

Emanuele Pizzolorusso is an Italian designer based in Helsinki. His most ingenious and well-known design is his crumpled map. It's a map that is designed to be crumpled into a ball. Now available for 40 cities, it is light, strong and water proof and can be scrunched into your handbag or pocket. No more careful folding, or ripped maps. Excellent.

Folding plant pot expands to fit your growing plants
Now that's handy: no more need for replanting.

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