Folding Beds from Griffon Make Reclaimed Space Look Good

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Image courtesy of Griffon

The French furniture company Griffon was established in 1848 and spent the next century making conventional products for churches and private homes. But in the 1960s, Griffon turned to creating furniture for an increasingly urban population, as the French moved out of the countryside into cities, and into smaller homes. Today, the company is still doing it, and offers an impressive catalog of folding beds, from the simple to the majestic. Folding a bed into your furniture never looked so good.


So if you're a bit short on space (studio apartment, anyone?), or are just frustrated with the space wasted by a large piece of furniture you only use at night, a folding bed might be the way to go. (That's if you don't want to get rid of the bed altogether.) But if you want your space back, Griffon's products are worth a look: they've even got folding bunk beds for the kids.



The beds are made from French wood and with poplar springs, and while the mattresses (in latex or polyurethane foam) are specially designed for the folding beds, Griffon insists they are as comfortable as their conventional, stationary counterparts. There is a hitch, though: Griffon only sells in France, Belgium and Switzerland. But if you're not in the area, you can always build your own.

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