Flute, Exbox and More: Giles Miller's New Cardboard Designs


Giles Miller is at it again. The erstwhile "King of Cardboard" (that's an unofficial title, by the way, that he's earned after wowing us with his laptop case and coffee table) has added to his corrugated kingdom with a new collection of designs that could have ended up as a box. We like the "Flute side table" and "Exbox Chair" (above) not only for their ability to sex up a recyclable, renewable material like cardboard, but for fitting in to the paradigm for downloadable designs and furthering the idea that flat cardboard can be built into structural, beautiful, useful 3-D designs. After the jump: more explorations in the limitations of cardboard with a cool lamp and even a wardrobe. ::Farm Designs via ::pan-dan



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