The Floyd Shelf is a smart bracket that could be a smart shelf or standing desk

Floyd Shelf being installed
© The Floyd Shelf

But there is a real question of how much one should pay for an artisanal shelf bracket.

You can buy shelf brackets for two bucks a pair at IKEA. You can buy the very clever LACK shelf with concealed hardware for twenty bucks. So why am I excited about the Floyd Shelf, that sells for $85 bucks a pair, and doesn't even include a shelf?

Perhaps it's because it doesn't have a shelf, so that you can put anything you want into it, with quite a wide range of thicknesses. So even an old board that you are attached to can become a new shelf.

But you could to that with any shelf bracket, just screw in the board from underneath. Indeed you could, but this looks seriously substantial, and by pressing down from the top with that clamp, you could get a decent cantilever out and put a serious load on it, without relying on the grab of the screws to hold it altogether.

I paid a cabinet maker a bit of money to build me my wall-mounted standing desk, but these clamps might have worked just as well at holding the 15" deep top. You don't need a lot of depth for a standing desk; look at TreeHugger Margaret's shelf desk here.

There is also the point that the shelves and legs are made by hand by American craftspeople in Detroit.

We strive to create products that fuse design and manufacturing by working hand in hand with local factories to create long lasting, functional products. From the onset, tapping into Detroit's manufacturing infrastructure has defined the design behind The Floyd Leg and the method of production and distribution behind it.

That costs a bit more than offshoring to China, where no doubt these could be made for a buck or two each, and probably will be, because it is such a clever design.

What do you think? I always argue about the importance of paying for good design, complain about people who know the price of everything and the value of nothing, and these brackets aren't exactly an Eames Lounger.

But eighty-five bucks a pair seems a lot to pay for an artisanal shelf bracket. What do you think?

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