FLOR Goes Retro-Mod with Shag and Hopskotch (?) in New Collection


FLOR, the fab modular carpet tiles, have matched up with Martha Stewart, gone out to the patio, celebrated 10 years green and even found time to get named to TreeHugger's Best Designers list. Their latest trick: a catalog full of new ideas, including some really creative, colorful designs that push the carpet tiles way beyond blocks of solid color. To wit: Souk Chic, pictured above, a "very modern take on the nearly thousand-year-old practice of knotting together still-vibrant sections of otherwise worn Turkish and Persian rugs to form a new, patchwork of color and pattern (early recycling!)" When it comes to modern-day recycling, remember that FLOR does what they call Return-Recycle service (a little R&R;) as part of their environmental initiatives. After the jump: FLOR goes shag (really!) and has some fun with Hopskotch. ::FLOR via ::Apartment Therapy