Floating Island With Living Walls Made From Old Clamshells and Coffee Cups

floating island studio noach patrick blanc image

All illustrations courtesy of Studio Noach

When we last met Michel Kreuger of Studio Noach, he was building a houseboat out of old coffee cupswith Architect Anne Holtrop and botanist Patrick Blanc.

Now the team has grander ambitions, and are proposing an entire floating island.

floating island studio noach patrick blanc image interior

Michel describes the project:

A visitor will walk from room to room and experience a sequence of baths, panoramic saunas, chill and relax areas. From the interior, the frame the constructed landscape and give access to outdoor terraces and pools. From thereon paths continue over the hills and through the valleys connecting different spaces.

The persons who walk here, will see a combination of water, vegetation and architecture, which gratifies the human desire for a world that is visible and tangible. Architecture constructs a landscape, a landscape is inhabited. Interior and exterior, landscape and architecture are one.

floating island studio noach patrick blanc image structure

The structure is made from Rexwall, a composite sandwich made from recycled polystyrene, including hamburger clamshells and coffee cups. It also appears to have a water source heat pump:

The innovative technical installations provide big energy savings. The surrounding water acts as a heat exchanger, like a refrigerator works conversely. It can serve as heat - and cooling source and is up 70% more efficient than conventional energy systems.


It is on show at the Netherlands Architecture Institute until May 16.

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