Floating Eco-Homes In The Netherlands


Small and densely populated, the Netherlands is one of the countries most at risk from climate change and rising sea levels. One Dutch construction company, Dura Vermeer, has developed homes that can float with rising waters. Thirty-seven of these homes line the waterfront at Maasbommel, panelled in blue, yellow and green. They have a hollow concrete cube at the base to give them buoyancy. The next time the Meuse river bursts its banks, the house will rise with it (see video). Electricity and water are pumped in through flexible pipes. In all, the houses can withstand a rise in the water table of up to 13ft. At a starting price of 260,000 euros (£180,000 or $310,000), the houses are not a cheap option, but demand is high. :: Gouden Kust via BBC News

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