Floating City Proposed For Shanghai World Expo


A team of Dutch designers recently revealed a plan to build a floating city on Shanghai's Huangpu River. If built, the city will debut during World Expo Shanghai 2010. The floating city will have many green elements — it will use the water of the river for cooling and it the city will make use of renewable energy. However, one has to wonder if matters like sewage treatment and impact on the river environment have been addressed. The model of the construction on display at Shanghai Sculpture Space, has five honeycomb-like balls, one big one surrounded by four smaller ones, functioning as a 3D cinema, pubs, a shopping mall and theater. The biggest honeycomb will have a restaurant at the top floor 80 meters above the river, the report said.


The project would be part of the Expo's "Urban Best Practices Area," where cities have been invited to display their own innovative technologies to improve urban living conditions, said Eric Verwaal, of the Dutch Consulate-General in Shanghai.


"People living in the floating city can contact with people outside conveniently", said Michiel Fremouw, CEO of the designing company Deltasync. He went on to say that residents will be able to fish easily from their homes.

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Via: IF Green

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