FlexibleLove: Expanding Furniture to Seat 16


Following in the footsteps of other accordion-inspired designs like the Newspaper Extendable Bench and Paper Softseating, FlexibleLove takes the concept a little bit further by being able to function as both a single chair and an extended bench that can seat up to 16 (see the video of it in action here). Made from widely-available, low-cost recycled materials (paper and wood), FlexibleLove is also produced using pre-existing manufacturing processes, cutting back on the footprint of the product even further. The designer claims that the 16-seater can support up to 4224 lbs of weight (!); there is also a 12-, 8- and 2-person size in production. While there aren't too many cases where we'd need to seat 16 people in a row at home, FlexibleLove has the potential to be the hit of your next dinner party; they're (usually) available here, and though it's currently out of stock, preorders for shipping next month are being taken. Check out more pics at their website and see more examples of transforming furniture here. ::FlexibleLove via ::Apartment Therapy LA