Flatpack Treehouse is a Dutch Treat


We love flatpack and we sure love treehouses, together for the first time as the Zelfbouwboomhut, or as Google translates from Dutch, DIY Treehouse. Found in Designboom and designed by Rogier Martens, Sam van Veluw, there is a lot to like about it.


What I really love is the simplicity, the way it fastens together with the ratchet straps; just crank them tight and they hold the thing together and onto the tree. The dutch bracket on the front is the only thing that doesn't fit this pattern, but of course they had to have it.


Detail of the straps. We last saw this method of assembly with Castor Canadensis' Credenza2 ; it is fast, cheap and strong.


It is evidently the first product in a line called AANDEBOOM.

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