Flatpack Table from Planko Designs

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We do love our flatpack furniture; cutting it out of plywood with a CNC machine and sliding it under a door reduces the amount of material used, the packaging, the shipping, everything is just more efficient. It can be fun too, as Dan Planko demonstrates with his new end table, which mixes traditional design elements with the latest manufacturing technologies, and even comes in its own canvas bag.

Daniel Planko is an artist, designer and maker whose works covers a wide range of media, scale and application. From his site:

"Planko’s work is characterized – if it can be characterized – as a marriage of the handmade and the industrially-produced, the serious and the whimsical, the familiar and the unexpected.

In seeking to have people see the world in different ways – to reinvent the everyday – his work operates in the realm of ideas, the power of community, the transformative powers of art and objects and rewards of seeing and being in the world. "

Well said. The table is not on his site yet, but watch for it at ::Plankodesign