Flatpack Laser Cut lamp Assembles in Minutes With No Tools

Talk about minimal! Design Milk shows the Flaca Lamp, designed by Masiosare Studio of Mexico. It is laser cut out of a sheet of stainless steel, with almost no waste.

In profile, it is barely there. The designers write:

Flaca is a stainless steel lamp focused on sustainability. Its stainless steel structure not only looks and feels light, it also has minimal waste of material. The illumination system of Flaca, based on LED technology, require only 6 watts, 10% of a common light bulb.

I do worry a bit about calling it adjustable, however; there are no mechanical hinges, just bent stainless steel. Do too much adjusting and I suspect you will have two pieces instead of one. But what a great example of the best principles of flatpack design and digital production. More at Masiosare Studio.

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