Flatpack Gone Mad: No Screw, No Glue, Pure Stainless Steel

no screw no glue wall unit photo

Dutch designer Joost van Bleiswijk designs everything from candelabras to wall units out of stainless steel, all laser cut and interlocking. "A combination of fireplace, altar and cabinet. This piece is as a conclusion of cabinet designs over centuries."

It is also extraordinarily heavy and over the top, but there is method in this madness. He describes his method of working in Dezeen:

"From archetypical drawings I create the objects as flat components by computer. The method of sliding different elements into one and other, and how to draw the exact technical drawings, is now like clay for me....All pieces are hand-finished after laser-cutting." The following shows the assembly of a clock:

no screw no glue clock assembly 1 photo

no screw no glue clock assembly 2 photo

no screw no glue clock assembly 3 photo

Love the small stuff, it will last forever. The wall unit is a bit over the top...::Freshome
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