Flatpack Exhibition Display Is Built Out of Cardboard

toby horrocks exhibition display cardboard photo
Credit: Sarah Rowlands

Australian architect Toby Horrocks designed freefold furniture for his empty apartment two years ago. It was clever stuff, letting you build up a bookcase out of the cardboard boxes you move things in. Now he has designed a cardboard display system that is on show at the Gallery of Australian Design in Canberra, as part of a show called Design Media in Australia, promoting published design in Australia. For four architecture magazines Horrocks designed four flatpack cardboard symbolic buildings.toby horrocks exhibition display cardboard photo
Image Credit Ellen Dewar

The architect describes the challenge:

This cardboard exhibition display was designed to be flat-packed for transport.... The abstract 'icons' represent four magazines published by Architecture Media, and were displayed at an exhibition of Australian Design Publishing, at the Gallery of Australian design, Canberra. Cardboard is an ideal medium for temporary displays.

toby horrocks exhibition display cardboard photo 2
Credit Sarah Rowlands
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