Flat-packs from Parsons are designed for shipping

CC BY 2.0 Lloyd Alter

Flat-Pack is getting so important that there is a Flat Pack Studio at Parsons the New School in New York. The students' work was on display for New York Design Week. They explain:

The Flat-Pack Studio addresses the needs of spatial efficiency. Faculty member Mark Bechtel challenged students to design a piece of furniture that can be packed flat in a UPS box or tube. Each project includes the design and construction of a full-scale working furniture prototype, packaging, and an assembly manual.

tableChristopher Miano/ Photo Lloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0
This one was really clever and quite refined. Designer Christopher Miano writes:

My intention when designing a flat pack table was simple. I wanted to construct an object which was easy to assemble and disassemble by the user without the use of hardware. Bungee cords under tension solidify and complete the structure of the table.

Extra chairRobert Bezrutczyk/ Photo Lloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

The back of the extra chair by Robert Bzutczyk actually comes off and turns into a stool.

The extra chair is suited for additional seating that should not have to be put away when not in use. This simple dining chair sacrifices its back support in order to assemble a second stool to be shared with a guest. Using eight identical legs, the extra chair disassembles easily without extra tools.

InflatableColin Benell / photo by Lloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

Cole Bennell describes the silliest piece in the show.

The inflatable stool employs a valve system to allow the user to simply pull it open and draw the air in. In doing so, this piece of flat pack furniture is a quick alternative with no assembly required!

More to come.

Flat-packs from Parsons are designed for shipping
They all fit in standard UPS boxes or tubes

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