Stylish Flat Pack Birdhouses for Garden Birds

Desinature eco birdhouse© Desinature

There's no doubt that buildings need to incorporate and nurture biodiversity into their design, by providing habitats for critical pollinators like bees, birds and butterflies.

Birdhouses are one way to do it, and though they come in many styles, sizes and contexts, these "Mr. and Mrs. Birdee" birdhouses feature a rounded shape (I hate living in a box and I bet birds feel the same too) with specifically-sized openings to attract certain garden-loving avian species.

Desinature eco birdhouse© Desinature

Created by Etienne Esmenjaud of UK-based company Desinature, the "Mr. and Mrs. Birdee" birdhouses are shaped to best accommodate species like robins, wrens, and pied wagtails, and comes as a flatpack set of laser-cut, PEFC-certified (the UK equivalent of FSC) birch ply panels that you assemble yourself, after a good soaking in water to make them pliable.

Desinature eco birdhouse© eco birdhouse

Priced at £24.99 (about US $40) it's offered with three different-sized openings, either as "Mr Birdee," "Mrs Birdee" and "Mr & Mrs Birdee." More info over at Desinature.

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