F*&king; Recycle, a Poster Collection by Becky Redman


F*&king; Recycle is the latest poster collection by graphic designer Becky Redman. Designed to increase awareness and promote action, the 50 colourful and provoking posters do exactly that. With encouraging messages to get people to recycle everything that can possibly be recycled (glass, aluminium, paper, cans, etc.) and notes such as ‘one recycled aluminium can will save enough energy to power a television for three hours’, 'every eight months the UK produces enough waste to fill Lake Windermere’ or ‘plastic can take up to 500 years to decompose’, this is a great collection of typographic exploration, using intense colours to spread alarming facts and get people to recycle. All posters have been screen printed on 100% recycled paper and posted in public. Click here to see the full collection. (more posters after the jump)

Becky Redman explains:

Posters provide the tool to convey information practically and repeatedly. The brief bold message on each poster increases the retention of information and provokes a sense of urgency. By expanding the visibility and hype of important issues, action can be widespread.

Recycle. It’s simple.

A hardcover book with all A1 sized screen prints, hand stitched and cased by hand, is also available. The posters (£15), as well as the ‘Heart the Environment’ recycled cotton canvas tote bag (£19.95) are currently on sale via Becky's web site and at the eco design section of the London Design Museum’s Web Shop. -Or are they not anymore? Read Becky's story about how the recycled bags got banned at the Design Museum Shop! Very amusing...

Thanks Marcus W. for the tip! ::Becky Redman

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