Fish Factory Converted Into Residence

building conversion fish plant latvia photo

We love showing the recycling and repurposing of existing buildings; The spaces that result are often dramatic. But this one is a bit fishy; Zaigas Gailes birojs have converted this pumping station from an abandoned fish plant in Latvia into a residence, complete with a big central hall, a couple of apartments and a shiny new bathing pavilion.

fbuilding conversion fish plant latvia photo site

The site looks a bit forbidding, with no trees or shade,

building conversion fish plant latvia photo interior

But the interior is dramatic. World Architecture News describes the spaces inside:

The plan consists of three parts, the central full-height hall, a two story apartment for parents and four apartments for children. The new bathhouse- Nautilus- is located on the beach and against the background of the rusty, oblong block of the main house the shining Nautilus adds the needed final touch to the picture.

Perhaps something is lost in translation, it doesn't look like it can contain five apartments. More at World Architecture News

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