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edenbio street photo

As we noted in our earlier review of green walls, there are two kinds: Green façade, where a trellis structure is attached to the ground and plants grow up from there, and living walls, the more complicated systems where the wall becomes the growing medium. Edouard François is the master of the green façade, and we have been waiting to see his Eden Bio project move from rendering to reality. Perhaps we should have waited a little bit longer.

edenbio structure photo

A major difference between a living wall and a green facade is time; the former just has to grow out a bit to be green, whereas the latter has to grow up from the ground. On the other hand, we get to see the structure, and when the plants grow up you won't see much but the greenery, as in the model shown below.

edenbio-structure model image

eden bio overview photo

How long will it take for it to look like the rendering?

eden-bio rendering image

Francois is quoted in Dezeen:

I requested that very expensive biological earth be applied in very deep coats and protected during the entire construction period. Considering the price, everyone was very careful. At the end of construction, I planted bio-certified, very small, almost invisible plants. The choice of plants was based entirely on their capacity to live without any fertilizer or pesticides and preserve their bio characteristics in new landscape. In fact, some plants have insect-repellent qualities and others have leaves that become fertilizer in Autumn. A real urban wilderness, self-maintained. The resulting landscape will be unpredictable, made of wild species that spontaneously complete my selection.

The smell will be bio, the fruits too.

In earth of such quality, the plants will become trees and bushes very rapidly. At the age of three, my little plants will have the strength of the most mature ones I could plant today. In less than five years, the result will be spectacular and impossible to obtain without the extravagant soil quality we have here.

eden-bio street photo

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