First Ever Skype Phone Made From Sustainable Wood

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The PAPPA* Phone
It’s likely that nobody asked Hulger to make a phone for use with Skype out of sustainable wood. But they did. And the result is an unlikely combo of Skype, a program that’s one of the most satisfyingly realized visions of the future (who’d have thought watching Star Trek 15 years ago that we’d be able to talk to other people’s video portraits from across the world?), and, well, a wooden phone. Something seem anachronistic here? You’d think so, but closer you look, the more the wooden VoIP phone seems to be a winner— the PAPPA* phone is a sleek, sustainable option that laughs in the face of so-called high tech chic. And laughs greenly. Here’s why.
Some Attributes of the PAPPA* Phone for Skype:
-Handmade by Furni in Canada.
-Made from sustainable American walnut birch
-It's durable, and its brass parts are replaceable

Plus, there are no buttons, so you won’t get confused. It plugs right into your USB port, is software-free, and will work on either a Mac or a PC. What more could you want from a decidedly low-tech, stylishly sustainable Skype Phone?

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