First C2C Computer Keyboard: Pound it into Compost (UPDATE: or not)


We love cradle-to-cradle products, certified by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry to The standards are set very high: "using environmentally safe and healthy materials; design for material reutilization, such as recycling or composting; the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency; efficient use of water, and maximum water quality associated with production; and instituting strategies for social responsibility." Not many have made it yet, but we can now all pound away on a C2C computer keyboard from Details, a Steelcase subsidiary.

from the press release: "Details' certified Cradle-to-Cradle keyboard assembly is a keyboard mechanism, platform and palmrest all made from materials that were scrutinized for their impact on the environment. Recycled materials were used in the construction of the keyboard assembly, providing a closed material loop which pulled very little virgin raw material from the environment and will send very little back to it. The keyboard mechanism is made from 98% recycled steel content, the keyboard platform uses 100% recycled kraft paper content and the palmrest is made from a proprietary waterborne urethane -- a 100% recyclable material."

When they come out in an ergonomic version that supports my delicate wrists I will jump at it. ::Details
UPDATE: When they said keyboard mechanism I thought they meant the keyboard itself but they mean the mechanism that is supporting it, and they are not making actual keyboard assemblies. I will leave the post up because it is an interesting product but in the immortal words of Emily Litella, "Never mind." Thanks, Andrew!