Finally Something To Do With Empty CD/DVD Spindles

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The Second "R"
Something else than carry bagel sandwiches, that is (see below). This one might only apply to geeks, but then again, if you have lots of empty CD and DVD spindles, chances are you also have a bunch of disorganized cables in a pile somewhere.

bagel to go spindle photo

Photo: pwka, via Core77

Of course, let's not forget the first "R" in "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle". The greenest CD spindle is the CD spindle that you don't buy. It's probably better to use as few CDs and DVDs as possible and to buy a big spindle that lasts years for those that you do use instead of buying a bunch of small ones. Not that CD spindles are a huge environmental problem compared to other things, but it's all about having the right mindset and applying it to everything, big and small.

While this DIY tip might not be useful to everybody, it shows the right kind of thinking

dvd spindle

Via Reddit

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