Finally, LED fixtures that combine good looks and performance.

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Mike had shown and tested a lot of LED bulbs, but most seen so far are replacement bulbs for Edison base and other bases designed for existing fixtures. One problem that almost every LED fixture has is heat; and most heat sinks are designed for efficiency by engineers, not for form by designers.

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From Stylepark:

COOLFIN takes an ingenious approach to the problem of cooling for any LED spot, in which the temperature control determines the lifespan of the LED. They have used the high-tech LED-luminaire (2000 lumen output) from the brand Xicato which comes with a guarantee of 50,000 hours of operation. This lamp is a piece of pure craftsmanship combined with beauty. A technical feature has become a fabulous object. Perfectly styled. The repetition of the cooling fins give shape to a unique, energy-friendly spot without losing sight of aesthetics.

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The designers, MaDe of Belgium, note that "A technical feature has become a fabulous object." We are going to see a lot more of this: the integration of the LED and its fixture as one complete package, as the light source can last as long as the building. Pretty soon they will a permanent part of the fabric of the building.

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