Finally, a TreeHugger Kitchen Tool - The Uni-tool

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Images via Core77

Typically kitchen tools come across the radar and they're so specialized that (unless you're that kind of chef) they're mostly useless. A big part of quality, sustainable design is that whatever you're creating should have more than one use, so that you only need one consumable item to accomplish multiple tasks. It cuts way back on the number of things we need to produce, consume, and dispose of. Here is one tool that embodies that principle - the Uni-tool from kitchenware company Joseph Joseph. Core77 calls it the spork for chefs, and that's an apt description.

It is a spoon, strainer, spatula, cutting device, and turning device.

kitchen uni-tool uses image

The new product is coming out this fall, but since there isn't yet information on their website about the designs, we don't have a price point. Considering you can replace a good handful of tools with just this one (hopefully extremely durable) device, it seems like we've finally hit upon a kitchen device that isn't eye-roll-worthy.

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