Fifty Recycled Chairs Turned into Yellow Design Statement

They are called "Street Seats" and that's what they are. Fifty lost and abandoned chairs, found on the streets of New York, and recycled into something cool and architectural.

Architects Bade Stageberg Cox developed this furniture project for the coffee shop in the recent art fair at the Armory in New York.

They painted them taxi cab yellow; how fitting for New York City, fixed them up and made them look like new again. Each one has its provenance noted on the bottom: the date and place where it was found.

And you can buy one. Since they were used there for the week of the show, you could try them out and pick your favourite.

It's an eclectic mix, just like New Yorkers. First noted in pfsk, some are familiar, like this folding chair (looks like Ikea). They call it a Church Chair, and it was found on February 13, 2012 on 34th Street and 6th Avenue (if you know the block). It may be perfect for someone whose birthday is on that day.

Others are made for the living room, like this one, the Walnut Chair.

This River Chair was found on February 3, 2012, East River near Adams and John Street, in Dumbo.

And others have a Charles Rennie Mackintosh feel to them.

The more you look, the more you want. And you can have one, just contact the architects. Or get out there and get painting.

Fifty Recycled Chairs Turned into Yellow Design Statement
Find 50 old chairs in New York, paint them yellow and you've got a design statement.

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