Favela Fantasy: Gaudi Mashup in Sao Paulo


Estevao Silva da Conceicao, in a favela in Sao Paulo, has recycled as decorations every kind of imaginable object from plates, cups, and statues, to typewriters and mobile phones. It has become a tourist attraction; many compare it to the the Parc Guell by Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona. The BBC notes:

What seems most striking is that a man who had never heard of the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi has built something so similar to his style. Estevao, 50, simply set out to build a house where he could live, and which later became a home for his wife and two children.

The facade at the front has often been compared to features in the world-famous Parc Guell in Barcelona. It was only seven years ago when a passing architecture student spotted the house that he became aware of the connection between his work and that of Gaudi.


Using basic everyday material, sometimes retrieved from the rubbish, this kind of project is sometimes called "spontaneous architecture". It involves a visionary project, carried out without following any rules, by someone with no formal training.


His ideas have evolved over the years and the design often changes.

"When I first built the house using wood, people used to say it looked like an indigenous or Indian house. Then I started to change, and the structure is made with iron." ::BBC slideshow and article via ::Core77

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