Fashion Showroom And Private Living Space Squeezed Into 700 SF, For $ 6,000

Maison Carlos Ortega Fashion Showroom Photo

Photos: ROW Studio.

Perfectly fitting our love for small spaces and less is more living, Mexican studio ROW refurbished fashion designer Carlos Ortega's apartment in Mexico City, managing to squeeze a showroom while maintaining private space in only 700 sq feet.

Hidden Library Photo

Part Of Public Space Photo

Part Of Public Space Photo

The project (via Design Boom) aimed to create two separate areas: a public living room/showroom and a private segment for the bedroom/storage/dressing room.

Both areas were separated by a twisting wall of panels on a diagonal axis. Larger areas created by the twists allow larger floor area in the bedroom (for a desk) and some shelving space for the clients books on the opposite.

From Showroom Towards Private Space Photo

Private Bedroom Photo

Dressing Room Maison Carlos Ortega Photo

With only 6,000 US Dollars of budget, the whole refurbish was done with OSB panels (not our favorite material, but cheap) with touches of color that follow sequences going from yellow to white when viewed from the entrance towards the windows, yellow to red from the window towards the kitchen, and from black to white inside the bedroom.

The whole ensemble shows great use of space without sacrificing comfort and privacy, a tough task in small spaces.

Maison Carlos Ortega Floor Plan Image

Design Scheme Image

For more on the work of studio ROW and Carlos Ortega, check their websites.

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