Fashion From a Can

What can you say about Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen...he is a decorator, he is everywhere, he does house make-overs on t.v. and he is over the top. His trademarks include his long flowing locks, his long flowing shirt cuffs and his opinionated, engaging manner. Now he has gone eco--which is good because lots of people will be influenced by his opinions and views. It's bad because the chair that he has created out of tin cans is boring. But it does bring publicity to the cause.... He made the chair out of recycled drinks cans that he found around his house. The blurb says that "I really enjoy working with new material so the idea of using recycled drinks cans to produce an elegant, yet flamboyant chair was a huge challenge for me".

It's part of a series sponsored by a can lobbying group. Georgina Goodman, a bespoke shoemaker, made a pair of shoes out of recycled tin cans as her project. The heels are made of twisted tin cans, great to look at but hard to walk in. She said that since cans are recyclable, she could "produce an entirely new pair of shoes for next season by melting down this pair!" :: Can Can Couture Via :: Observer

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