Fabulous Knitted Stools By Claire-Anne O-Brien

claire-anne obrien
Photos: Claire-Anne O'Brien

From eco-yarns to knitting graffiti to even knitting your own dog, knitting nowadays is not only a satisfying DIY hobby but also an extreme sport (check out the size of these needles!). But if you're somewhere in between about knitting -- and if you're bored to tears by the cold sterility of most modernist furniture -- then check out these inviting knitted stools by British textile designer Claire-Anne O'Brien.

claire-anne obrien

Like your favourite sweater but made for your tush, her collection features eye-catching cabled patterns and colours that elevates the domestic from frumpy to fabulous.


Based out of London and a graduate of the Royal College of Art, O'Brien's funky and tactile stools are a refreshingly clever rethinking of what form the ordinary stool may take (though we hope it's made with recycled fibers or some other earth-friendly yarn!).

Claire-Anne O'Brien via Contemporist
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