"Fabricating A Stone"- Holiday House Camouflaged as Big Rock


Roland Halbe via Abitare

Antón García- Abril and Ensamble Studio have built La Trufa, or truffle, on the north Spanish coast. It is what one might call a solid bit of work, made of concrete in a very unusual fashion. The architect writes in Abitare that "what we had created was not yet architecture, we had fabricated a stone."

But what is most extraordinary was how they did the formwork for the concrete.

They used straw on the interior as formwork, dirt on the exterior, and built it up layer by layer. Then they pulled away the dirt from the outside and sawed off the ends.

truffle formwork removal image

Ensamble Studio

They were even more innovative in how they removed the interior straw formwork:

To empty the interior, the calf Paulina arrived, and enjoyed the 50m3 of the nicest food, from which she nourished for a year until she left her habitat, already as an adult and weighing 300 kilos.

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