ExxonMobil Has Shiny New Green Headquarters Plans Too!

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Life isn't fair. Steve Jobs shows up with a crappy video of his Norman Foster designed spaceship and gets front page on every blog and design website on the planet, and on the same day Exxon Mobil unveils its new corporate complex in Houston, to a big yawn.

Architects Pickard Chilton says that " the office complex has been designed to high standards of energy efficiency and environmental stewardship. The new campus will provide a high-quality working environment and promote new opportunities for employee collaboration." But it just doesn't have that same zing.

pickard chilton exxon mobil head office image

And it is not as if it doesn't also have landscaping; look at those pretty flower beds. But I think what really does it is the clothing. Houston is, what, 95 degrees today? And yet everyone is walking around in suits, probably looking for their cars.

pickard chilton exxon mobil head office image

Like Apple, there is not a car in sight. Unlike Apple headquarters, there are a lot of people standing around, looking for shade in the Houston heat.

pickard chilton exxon mobil head office image


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In Cupertino, the city council is orgasmic with delight at Apple's commitment to stay in the community and rebuild on an existing developed site. In Houston, ExxonMobil is moving out to a greenfield by a highway, and the downtowners try to put on a brave face. According to fuelfix,

Downtown, too, will feel the effects of Exxon Mobil's move.

The area already is losing Continental Airlines headquarters workers because of the carrier's merger with Chicago-based United Airlines. Now Exxon Mobil employees will vacate its building at 800 Bell. The 44-story tower was built in 1963 for Humble Oil, Exxon Mobil's predecessor.

"Obviously, that's hard," said Bob Eury, executive director of the Houston Downtown Management District.

It is fascinating to see how two of the largest companies in the United States deal with the same issue.

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