eVolo Skyscraper Competition 2010 Is Full of Great Ideas


The eVolo Skyscraper competition is always one of the most spectacular speculative ideafests of architecture, with entries from all over the world, this year from 42 different countries. There are always some entries that just pop out, that demonstrate a different way of looking at buildings. They are rarely the winners though; the jury usually is as eccentric as the entries.

This year is no different, giving first prize to a design for a vertical prison "where the criminals are taken off the street to a place within that community and while serving their sentences, they continuously contribute to that particular community yet remain separated; a vertical prison." Snake Plissken would feel right at home. More on the Vertical Prison


More interesting is the second prize winner, a proposal for a building that cleans and purifies Jakarta's Ciliwung River by separating out organic waste and filtering the water. By Rezza Rahdian, Erwin Setiawan, Ayu Diah Shanti, Leonardus Chrisnantyo of Indonesia. More


Third prize went to the Nested Skyscraper, which proposes "a fusion of existing construction techniques and new robotic assemblies, energy can be saved and material waste minimized. The technique is a mixture of current jump form methods with two robotic components. The first robot stretches a network of carbon sleeves, which are then impregnated with fiber-laced concrete. The second robot inspects and wraps the structure for lateral redundancy. This produces a dynamic construction system that can increase or decrease material density depending on structural needs." By Ryohei Koike, Jarod Poenisch. More


The Sky Table creates a linear park in the sky, a massive, inhabited High Line. By Ayrat Khusnutdinov of Russia. More


But every year there is always one scheme, usually not a winner, that excites me for any number of reasons. This year it is Sergiy Prokof`yev, Arsenii Kuznetsov, Oleksandr Garashchenko of Ukraine. They propose framework that works as a "vertical street" where people can design and build their own homes.

The building starts developing and taking shape as it is populated on different height. It invokes association with a vertical street where people may buy a plot and build their own house and are not limited by the skyscraper's construction. Like houses along the city street are built different, similarly will be formed the look of future skyscraper. A great number of architects, designers and landscape architects will have an opportunity to participate in erection of this skyscraper. The tenants may choose the look, planning, style, characteristics of their house.


The bounds of the ground on each separate level will be formed in such way that will prevent their interference. This will give a general skyscraper look complex and unpredicted shape. The uniqueness of building's volume will contain in that, like a coral lying on the ocean's bottom and accumulating mollusks, it will be filling itself with life. This will form natural and inimitable environment.


Not only is the idea interesting, the mix and match of style and type of accommodation, the draughtsmanship is extraordinary. More at Vertical Street / City

See them all at eVolo

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