Everything In Its Place with the Interlocking Puzzle Loft


Image credits: Paul Warchol

How's this for a great use of space? Faced with a ceiling of undulating height -- 11'-10" at the low point and 12'-3" at its high point -- Kyu Sung Woo Architects dreamed up the Interlocking Puzzle Loft to make the most of the oddly-shaped room. Since stacking two full-height levels was not an option, each area gets a half-height element -- either a closet or a sleeping platformand interlocked with another set.

This results in three pairs of full-height volumes that are offset from each other, with two sleeping platforms and closets inserted above and below these intersecting pairs. The upper level (the "bedroom," as it were) is divided into two sleeping alcoves, separated by an L-shaped "catwalk," hovering above the closets. Everything is in its place, the loft feels open and airy, and the small space is made totally livable and comfortable; see more after the jump. ::Kyu Sung Woo Architects via ::Materialicious



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