Everingham Rotating House: Thinking Outside the Square


This Australian house rotates around a central pivot point. "It also encapsulates many aspects of ecologically sound building principles, such as optimising on natural light and heat, while rotating 180o to take advantage of sunshine and shade at different times of the day and year."It might look radical and 'out there', but Buckminster Fuller had this idea sewn up, a good 60 years ago. Plus his home was self powered, and much more besides. Talk about Prefab - his Dymaxion house was packed into huge tubes and transported to the site by air blimp. The guy was a genius, half a century ahead of his time. But back to today. The Everingham model is a 24 m (79') diameter octagon with a 3-metre (10'), 360-degree verandah. It weighs 50 tonnes, but can rotate a full 360-degrees, around a central core of plumbing and electricals. Within this core is also a geothermal piping system (120 metres long and 2.5 metres deep), supplying a constant 22oC to the house. ::Everingham Rotating House