Eva: Wood, CFLs-Only Lamp from Argentina

CFL Wood Lamp from Argentina Photo

Photo: Paula Alvarado.

Last week it was time for the national annual innovation contest in Argentina, Innovar, and we were happy to know that the environment was one of the main interests behind the products presented this year.

In this occasion we highlight this cool looking lamp, which was designed exclusively for CFLs. The lamp is made with very few parts and is very easy to disassemble for recycling: a set of layers with a cut in the middle for the lamp, hold by two metal sticks. The lamp is surrounded by a thin plastic square that can be changed for color customization (a picture of this in the extended).The layers that form the lamp come in two versions: one not so green in plastic and the other in MDF.

Even though not in production yet, another good feature of the lamp is packaging reduction, as it would come in a flat package to assemble the parts at home.

Eva is a design by Ignacio Ali Saeed and Marco Alejandro Lanari, two Industrial Design students at Buenos Aires. It comes as good news in times when incandescent lamps are getting out and cool looking lamps for large CFL bulbs are not so easy to find.

If you want more info, you can contact them via their website, Shook Design.

Shook Design
Innovar Contest

Cool Lamp to Hold CFLs from Argentina Photo

Picture showing how the interior can be changed to customize the lamp color (on the plastic version of the lamp).
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