European Town Heats Up With Closed Coal Mine

Ge -coel neighborhood heerlen photo

Gen Coel neighborhood of Heerlen, Image credit: France24, Remko Scheepens

We recently published a post about a mine heat project just beginning. (See:- Yellowknife To Re-Purpose Gold Mine For Heat Extraction.) Like, wind mills, it turns out, Holland is already on top of this idea,using it as a basis for community redevelopment.

"The "Mine Water Project" in the south-western Limburg province went into operation last month, heating some 350 homes and businesses in a newly built neighbourhood in Heerlen (pictured)."Reportedly use of geothermal heat this way emits 55 percent less carbon dioxide. Economics are good because of the strong temperature gradient.

"The water temperature measures 32 degrees C (89 degrees F) at the bottom (of the well) and 28 degrees when it arrives at the surface," explains Jan-Jaap van Bergermeer, who supervises the project.

We highly recommend reading the full post at France24, as there are more details and interesting pictures.

Via:France24, Dutch Town Gets Heat From Coal Mine
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