Ethical Fashion Show 2005

We missed it in 2004, today we report from Paris where the most avant-garde world textile designers gather for the weekend. Located in the heart of trendy "temple" quarter of Paris, the event promotes the work of designers that take their inspiration, materials, textiles from southern hemisphere countries -or for most them, designers who create, live and work in southern countries.Designers "famous in their countries but unheard of in Europe" are here to show their specific knowledge and interpretation of local artisans "savoir-faire" in all areas of the textile industry or craftsmanship : dyeing, organic cotton growing, manufacturing... These designers all have extraordinary curriculums and as such they illustrate perfectly the constant flow of globalisation, that can also bring ancestral cultures to the spotlight in events like the Ethical Fashion Show.

Have a go at the website : get to know the participants, and don't miss the video section (runways).

:: Ethical Fashion Show (Paris, Oct 7,8,9 2005)