Ethanol Cocktail Set from Chloe Coulson


We have had some sport with the ethanol boom, suggesting that it is better served cold in a martini glass rather than in our cars. The market evidently agrees; according to the Wall Street Journal, the prices are in the tank as well.

Chloe Coulson of notanotherdesigner has some fun with it too, producing the ehtanol cocktail set from off-the-shelf parts.

"Chemistry with its language of mixing and measuring lends itself to the art of cocktail making in the Ethanol cocktail set. Test tubes for shots, a conical flask for shaking, beakers for longer drinks, a jug for longer drinks and petri dishes for citrus wedges and salt, there's even an excercise book to record your favourite formulae experiments."

I think her website is terrifically clever and funny, too. ::Notanotherdesigner found via ::Pandan


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