Esque Design: Hand-Blown Glass Powered by the Wind


Taking their name from the suffix, and the idea that the world doesn't exist in a vacuum, Esque Design relies on their knowledge of the past to assemble their future. The Portland, OR-based glass artists Justin Parker and Andi Kovel have been collaborating to create hand-blown glass for the past seven years; their collection includes an assortment of vases, lighting, drink accoutrements (like punch bowls and pitchers) and home decor. We love the variety of colors and shapes, and are especially fond of the Water Drop Jug Vases (left) and the Drift Vases and Platter (right). Each modern, striking, sensual piece is hand-blown from recycled glass stock and processed in an electric furnace that's powered by wind energy. Beautiful, functional art powered by alternative energy? That gets the TreeHugger seal of approval every time. Hit the jump for more pics. ::Esque Design available at ::Velocity


Off Punch Bowls

Slump Vases