ESCLICE Packs A Lot In Only 9'-8" Wide House

esclice skinny house photo exterior

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So much of design is governed by rules and codes. A Recreational vehicle cannot be more than 8'6" wide, a park model home cannot be more than 12'; a modular not more than 16' in many jurisdictions. Each set of rules will have a different set of transport and zoning restrictions. Certainly the skinnier the unit, the easier it is to move.

The Esclice Home from Latvian architects Ēriks Grūbe, Toms Kokins Mārtiņš Hermansons measures in at only 2.95 meters or 9'-8".

esclice skinny house photo exterior

They tell ArchDaily that it "was inspired by traditional Latvian bread - a good slice of rye bread with fresh butter is enough to gain feeling of satisfaction without eating up the whole loaf."

esclice skinny house photo assembly

The house is delivered in two parts, a top and a bottom. They claim that it can be assembled in two hours.

esclice skinny house photo plan

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They describe the idea:

Our every-day life need are often overestimated leading towards excessive consumption of material goods, including the space. The idea was to create a spatial structure that satisfies desire for high quality living and working environment yet reducing its costs, unnecessary space and ecological footprint to minimum; to create space, that is easy to use, adopt and shrink or extend; space that embodies fundamental feelings of home, warmth and safety. Home that can be easily taken with you to your favorite place, adapted to the context and your personal needs, a simple home with no stress.

esclice skinny house photo urban

The design can also work in multiple unit forms. More at ESCLICE
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