Erin Hanson's Clever Art Underscores Our Need To Want Less

erin hanson art image

Image by Erin Hanson

Erin Hanson's outlet is the Recovering Lazyholic, and she has some great ways of pinpointing the unfortunate condition of so many of us folks, who give in to our slovenly side a little too often. One of her projects is "Need to Want Less," a series of graphics that smartly and succinctly sums up the choices we're given about consumerism. Her work isn't necessarily green on purpose, but in being very practical about our wants versus our needs, she makes some very eco-sensible points. For instance, about food:

erin hanson art image

The more diverse our food groups, the longer we're likely to live. Especially when that diversity of food is of the not-processed variety.

Or how about this point of wanting the next newest thing:

erin hanson art image

Just because something is new doesn't mean we need it. Period.

Hanson's wry work separating out wants from needs and elbowing our habits of groping for things that ultimately aren't in our best interests anyway is refreshing and fun to sift through. Check out more of the Need to Want Less images on her website. And like all good artists these days, she also has an Etsy shop and Twitter stream.

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