Equilibrium Competition: Montreal Zero


Sevag Pogharian's entry in the EQuilibrium competition is a single family house to be built in Hudson, Quebec. It is designed to "explore and incorporate, in an integrated and comprehensive manner, the following within the context of single-family, detached residential construction:

-aggressive energy efficient, airtight construction;
-geothermal and , passive and active solar heating;
-solar water heating;
-Passive cooling techniques, particularly the use of shade, water, building mass and natural night ventilation, as an alternative to compressor cooling to achieve good summer comfort;
-The notion of a kinetic building envelope, i.e. a building envelope that transforms from a tighter winter mode to a looser, expanded form that shades and captures cooling breezes;
-water management.
Diagram of systems below the fold.
::Montreal Zeroclick to enlarge:


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