EQuilibrium Competition: Minto Manotick


Minto is a big Canadian housing and condo developer, and is building 2000 homes in the town of Manotick, all Energy Star rated. We certainly prefer urban schemes to vast suburbs, and the house looks, well, like a subdivision house. However it has a good checklist of items that any house should have:

* Double wall construction, with high level of insulation and triple-glazed insulated windows, contribute to a design that is 55% more efficient than typical new homes
* Water consumption reduced by over 70% compared to the average home
* Architecturally designed window locations optimize the sun exposure to heat the home in the winter while roof-lines provide shade in the summer to keep the house cool
* Uses solar power to generate as much energy as is consumed each year
Empowerment and Convenience

* Convenient energy savings features including "All-Off" switch at the entry that turns off all lights and selected "green plugs" located throughout the house
* Rain water collection system provides free water for toilets as well as the home's outdoor watering needs
* Recycling centre in the kitchen and garage for easy access and disposal of recyclable goods

Breathe easy

* Allergens are kept down to a minimum with the use of enhanced air filtering and the elimination of carpets
* Filtered fresh solar heated air is distributed throughout the home by a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) system
* Home is constructed using low toxicity paints and glues

Future flexibility

* Flexible floor plans allow for home design that fit the home-owners needs today and for the future. Additional bedrooms, or home offices are easily accommodated

Other Sustainability Features

* Rapidly renewable resources, such as bamboo flooring used throughout the home
* Incoming water filtration system
* Green House Gas emissions are eliminated as the home generates as much clean renewable energy as it consumes annually

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