EPA To Rebuild Supreme Court Building To Green Standards

Just kidding about the headline. USEPA has produced a green building tool that works for commercial projects of any sort. (But, a metaphor is there for you politicos.) Given this Administration's demonstrated reluctance to take climate issues seriously, we hope the team that added C02 as a design variable to Portfolio Manager does not find this to have been a career limiting move (CLM).

"The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has added greenhouse gas emissions factors to its online energy rating tool for commercial buildings."

"This allows building owners and managers to compare the amount of emissions their buildings are likely producing compared to others in the same area."

"The tool, Portfolio Manager, already helps building managers and owners streamline energy and water data and track key factors, such as consumption, performance and costs. For instance, owners can benchmark their facilities against past performance and track multiple energy and water meters."

"The EPA added the data for carbon dioxide emissions from its Emissions and Generation Resource Integrated Database. This allows users to compare the emissions generated from their buildings with other buildings in the same area. "

Via::Greener Buildings Image credit:: Energy Star website.

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